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Why insure your off-road vehicle?

If you ever plan on driving on a road, it is the law to have insurance on any type of vehicle operated on the roadways.

Over and beyond that, ATV/UTV insurance can provide coverage for damage to your vehicle, damage to other’s property, and medical payments if you are ever injured driving off road.

We Have Experience Insuring Off-Road Vehicles

Breaking out your off-road vehicle for the season can be as invigorating as it is fun. Whether you own an ATV, go-cart, or even a dune buggy, not only should you make sure that you are adequately protected physically but also when it comes to insurance.

An off-road vehicle insurance policy typically provides three basic coverage options:

  1. Liability coverage
  2. Physical damage coverage
  3. Medical payments coverage

It may seem silly to insure an off-road vehicle, but it is a lot more necessary than you may think. Even if your off-road vehicle is simply a toy, insurance is important.

Consider How You Use Your ATV When Purchasing Off-Road Insurance

When purchasing an off-road vehicle policy, it is also important to keep in mind what kinds of activities you will be using the vehicle for.

Do you compete or ride recreationally?

These activities impact the type and cost of coverage. An off-road vehicle can cost just as much, if not more, than a regular vehicle, so it’s important to make sure you have adequate coverage. You can spend thousands building your off-roader.

What happens if you take it to the trail and something unexpected happens?

What if you get into a crash and your beloved vehicle gets damaged?

Don’t you want the comfort of knowing that even if an accident does occur, you will be back on your ride in no time?

Let Dave Walkenhorst Insurance Agency’s off-road vehicle coverage give you confidence that every trip you take off the beaten path will be a good one.

A specialized off-road insurance policy means that you are covered whether you’re out enjoying the trail on your dirt bike, climbing dunes in your dune buggy, off-roading on your ATV, or taking a leisurely spin on your golf cart.

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