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Insurance For Auto-Related Businesses

Garage insurance, also known as “motor trade insurance,” is a type of liability insurance that covers garage owners and car dealerships from claims involving customers’ vehicles while on company premises.

Business Models That Require Garage or Motor Trade Insurance

Garage insurance or motor trade insurance covers a variety of businesses, including automobile dealers, repair garages, service stations, storage garages, parking lots, valet services, and delivery and towing operations.

Where there are automobiles, there will be accidents!

We Cover All Bases

Businesses that involve automobiles in their daily operations need to be protected from potential property damage as well as bodily injury.

Garage Insurance Policies Include Liability and Operations Protection

Garage Liability Insurance

This provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage resulting from operations involving the ownership, maintenance, or use of a covered vehicle. This coverage does not cover accidents not involving a covered vehicle that is typically defined as a vehicle held in inventory by the insured dealer.

Garage Operations Insurance

This provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage resulting from garage operations other than the ownership, maintenance, or use of a covered vehicle.

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Ask Us About Insuring Your Auto Inventory

You can also receive coverage for your automobile inventory.

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