The easiest way to save money on your insurance premiums is to bundle insurance products.

Common Insurance Bundles

Most adults in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana own a personal automobile and have a place they call home.  If this accurately describes you, you are eligible to bundle insurance and have money!

The 2 Most Popular Insurance Bundles Are:


The only difference is if you own or rent your home.  This common insurance combination often saves you 10% or more compared to having these 2 insurance policies with different insurance carriers.

Other Common Insurance Combinations

There are many other common insurance bundles that can save you even more money!

Insurance bundles can contain more than 2 insurance products.

More and more people are buying RVs or motorhomes to relax in a safe environment with their closest friends and family.  If you recently purchased an RV or motorhome, let’s work up an insurance quote for you bundling this insurance product with all of your others.

Flood insurance is a great idea if your home is located in a flood zone.  Homeowners insurance policies do not cover natural disasters like flooding or wind storms/tornadoes.  If you need additional insurance for another type of disaster, consider an appropriate umbrella insurance policy for protection.

Insurance Bundles For Local Businesses

If you are a local business owner, you are in luck!  We have a robust selection of business insurance products to suit any small businesses needs.

We specialize in working with contractors of all types.  Lawn and landscape companies, painters, pressure washers, HVAC companies, plumbers, roofers, and similar service-based businesses are a great fit for our insurance agency.

We also cater to restaurants and bars for their insurance needs.

Bundle Insurance Products With Dave Walkenhorst

You have a number of policies that protect the precious facets of your life: home, auto, life, and so on.  You have all your bases covered!  Now, if you haven’t already considered bundling insurance, you may want to consider it now to see how much you can save.

At Dave Walkenhorst Insurance Agency, we can combine your policies and even reduce your monthly premium. Just think, less hassle, less paperwork, and a nifty discount!

Contact us today to get the details!